1945: Are You Dreaming? Get Chicks!

This 1945 Boote’s Hatcheries ad asked if people were dreaming or actually building a future, and I’m pretty sure the planes in that image are a reference to World War II.

1945: Food Will Win The War

Boote’s Hatcheries (extra chicks every Tuesday and Friday) put this ad in the March 1945 Daily Globe. It reminds me of a long interview I had with Stanley Beal of Round Lake, who was not drafted during World War II. Instead, every time he passed his physical, the draft board told him to go home and keep…
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1944: The Fight Of Food For Freedom

Are you in the fight of food for freedom? Is your farm doing a full capacity job? Boote’s Hatcheries & Packing Co. Inc. (phone 2-1201) was encouraging farmers to contribute to the war effort by maximizing production in 1944.