1935: New City Hall Is Built To Endure

This 1935 Daily Globe article touted Worthington’s new City Hall as being built to endure, and 75 years later, we are still using it. Next post at 11 a.m.

1934: Cornerstone Of New Post Office Laid

The cornerstone of Worthington’s new post office building was laid in 1934; it is not the same post office we have now. But the old post office building is still around, right across the street from the Daily Globe. Next post at 9 a.m.

1944: Fires Help The Nazis Win

Fire Prevention Week was tied in with World War II in this 1944 ad from the H.I. Metz Agency, which had their offices in the Sobol Building in Worthington. (Where is the Sobol Building?) Next post at noon.

1944: YMCA Center To Open Soon

Let’s hear it for the YMCA , which was listed as opening soon in 1944. It’ll be opening again soon in October, after a brief pause for the move. I hope it’s very brief; I love swimming there every day. Next post at noon.