1961: Worthington Area Does Not Support Common Effort To Back New School

1960: Teamsters Back SW-College Proposal

The Teamsters were backing a college proposal for Worthington in 1960. I believe this eventually became the U of M Morris–is this correct? Edit: Nope, one of our commenters, Sundown, says: I think it was Southwest State in Marshall that beat out Worthington at that time. I know Southwest State started in the early 1960s.

1960: Shorthand, Typewriting, Oil Painting At Minnesota West

Worthington Junior College (now Minnesota West) offered all kinds of cool classes in 1960.

1939: Search For Missing Teacher Continues

W.E. Davenport, a college teacher, went missing in 1939. I did search the papers that followed the one in which this sad little tale was printed, but I could not find out what happened to Mr. Davenport. Does anyone know?

1960: Can’t Afford College?

In 1960, there were actually people who could afford college. This may seem odd to some of the students today, who, even if they hold full-time jobs and take an extra part-time job over the summer, cannot hope to pay their tuition without loans. And these days even scholarships aren’t enough.