1961: Be Prepared But Not Forward

Dear Abby had some interesting advice for a well-prepared girl who liked to dance in 1961.

1986: The Holiday

Ray Crippen’s offering, April 1, 1986.

1961: Scary Baby Names, 1961 Version

Roy Rogers is still a better name than Pilot Inspektor.

1986: Words On Words

Here’s a fun, funny column called “Words on Words” from 1986. This one happens to explain the difference between “horde” and “hoard,” which I’m sorry to say I got confused myself fairly often as few as 5 years ago.

1940: Children Do Not Come From Cookie Cutters

Apparently not all children are identical. This column offers some helpful advice on what to do about it (really). Personally, I think my brother’s the good kid in the family. Then again, he probably thinks I’m the good kid. Maybe we’re just both bad kids?