1961: From Flight To Space

A tribute to the space flight, 1961.

1986: Clown Epidemic Strikes Nation

Argh! The clown epidemic is spreading!

1940: Ah, Young Love

So, in the 1940 comic, this Rose girl lures Red Ryder out into the desert and drugs him, and then… well, the follow-through just isn’t there. Unless she’s planning on shanking him when she gets close enough.

1986: Clown Dreams

As a child, I always dreamed of being a clown. Possible next line: 1. Fortunately, I woke up. 2. So I went into politics. 3. That’s why the KGB wants me dead. 4. Instead, I got this stupid hat. 5. It got better.

1961: How Much Do You Like Me?

If you don’t want to tell a girl you love her, kiss her! Right?