1939: Nursery School Tots Have Halloween Party

Martha Cashel was the little girl who, inspired by a Finnish penpal, ended up sparking off the Worthington-Crailsheim relationship.

1960: Ambassador To Crailsheim Visits The Alps

John Blair visited the Austrian Alps in 1960 during his ambassadorship to Crailsheim, Germany. Is it me or is he wearing lederhosen?

1985: German Recipes From Mixing And Musing

Dorthy Rickers, bowing to popular demand, published some German recipes in Mixing and Musing after a trip to Crailsheim in 1985.

1960: Six Local Residents Leave For Crailsheim

Six local residents left for Germany in 1960.

1985: Donkey Basketball For Crailsheim

Hale got up-close and personal with his donkey in 1985 during a game of donkey basketball that raised funds for the Worthington choir’s trip to Crailsheim. I’m guessing this game was hilarious; anyone remember it?