1940: The Solution: Where Is Calamity Corner?

You asked where Calamity Corner is, and I (meaning the other people in the newsroom who have lived here longer than 5 years) have found it for you! Calamity Corner was located at the junction of “the Wilmont diagonal and Highway 16.” The “Wilmont diagonal” is Diagonal Road, and Old Highway 16 is Nobles County…
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1961: Car Crashes

This article detailed the car crashes of 1961.

1959: 219 Car Crashes In Worthington

There had been 219 car crashes in Worthington by December in 1959, a cause for some concern.

1959: Tragic Crash Claims Life Of Teacher

Gladys Anderson, a 56-year-old school teacher at Wilder, was killed when a train hit her car in 1959.

1944: Ardith And Harold Busch

Ardith Ziegenhagen married Harold Busch in October 1944. Normally I don’t take pictures of the marriage or engagement announcements, but in this case the name seemed very familiar. Ardith and Harold both died as a result of a car crash last July. Here’s the news story, but please take a moment to read about Ardith…
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