1939: We Wish You A Scary Christmas

I think my exact words when I saw this 1939 ad the first time were: “GAH! Holy buckets, it’s Evil Santa!” The wearing away of the ink on the page has made this Santa creepier, but even the original Santa might have looked a little… off, with his frightening gaping maw, filled with teeth.

1939: Santa Ogles Pantyhose

It’s difficult not to see something a little… creepy, about Santa ogling some silk stal… er, stockings in this 1939 Silverberg’s ad.

1960: Disembodied Hands Seek Victims

This bank ad from 1960 features a smiling woman with sentient severed hands, or at least, that’s my visual interpretation. Inadvertently creepy ad.

1934: Horrible Insects Destroy Your Stuff

I hate moths and this advertisement is extremely effective in making me want to destroy all moths everywhere. Then again, a fuzzy bunny would also make me want to destroy all moths everywhere.