1940: Illegal Fishing Charges Dropped


1940: Holt, Brady And Whipps Shot By Mad Fisherman

The following is from the July 15, 1940 Daily Globe. A. M. Holt, 52, veteran game warden stationed at Worthington for the past four months, met sudden death in the line of duty Friday evening when he and two other wardens were shot to death by a crazed fisherman at Waterville, northeast of Mankato. The…
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1940: Fishermen Say Lake Wasn’t Posted

Some men who were arrested in 1940 objected to the arrest and charges, and said the lake wasn’t posted.

1940: Serve The Cause Of Justice

This 1940 editorial from the Redwood Gazette touts the virtues of citizenship.

1940: Hit And Run Victim Dies

J. B. Jackson, a hit and run victim, died in 1940, five weeks after being severely injured.