1980: Holy Sheep!

This 1980 photo of lambs sitting on their mothers’ backs is gorgeous, even though it’s in black and white. I had no idea that lambs did this; is it common?

1960: First Baby Of The New Year

The new year was 12 hours and 53 minutes old in 1960 before the first baby of 1960 was born at Worthington Municipal Hospital. The baby was a boy, and a big boy at that, weighing in at nine pounds and nine ounces. The parents are Mr. and Mrs. David Wheeler, who lived on Clary…
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1934: Area Children Write To Santa

The Daily Globe used to publish letters to Santa Claus, and in 1934 there were record-breaking numbers of letters, many of which were pretty darn cute. Here are requests for a blackboard set, a telephone, a picture book, train and toy horse, from Fenella Harberts of Reading and Betty Lou Thompson of Kinbrae. There are…
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1984: Adorable Children, Adorable Puppies

This may be the ultimate eye-grabbing photo, featuring Jenny Kaufman, 8, Jonnie Gunnink, 4, and Sara Gunnink, 8, all of whom were cute little kids in 1984, and all of whom are absolutely covered with cute little puppies. All together now: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.