1945: Drink A Quart Of Milk Daily!

Milk produces energy, charged the Capital Dairy on 10th Avenue in 1945. It also said people should drink a quart of milk daily, but they’re a dairy, so what else would they say, really? No wartime references in this ad.

1944: Evaporated Milk For Civilians!

Rochester Dairy was advertising evaporated milk for civilian use in 1944, scientifically controlled, on the farm, in processing, and in packaging. Remember, "scientific" still had healthy, modern connotations in 1944. These days we advertise "natural" in pretty much the same way. Next post at 9 a.m.

1944: Stressed From The Holidays And The War? Drink Milk!

Benson & Sorensen Dairy recommended people should drink a quart of milk a day in 1944, and I think I spy a World War II reference in the ad. Milk "provides extra food energy which you need especially in these times of work, stress and worry." Next post at 5 p.m.