1961: Bill Me, Thrill Me

I would be so pleased to get a $3 bill from any medical issue that I would pay it with a smile.

1961: Asking The Parents Before The Girl?

The young man in the second “Dear Abby” letter may simply have followed his fiancee’s wishes in not asking her parents for her hand in marriage.

1961: Be Prepared But Not Forward

Dear Abby had some interesting advice for a well-prepared girl who liked to dance in 1961.

1961: Ministers Are People Too

More on Dear Abby’s controversy regarding a minister who took a role in a play that involved cursing in 1961. The odd ideas people have about ministers never cease to amaze me.

1960: Minister Curses, Oh My!

Here’s a parishioner who was evidently shocked beyond believe that his minister would swear as part of a play in 1960. Abby’s response to the second question made me laugh, though.