1960: Old Spice: The Woman Your Woman Could Smell Like

This may come as a surprise to you (it certainly did to me) but Old Spice was first a fragrance for women, Early American Old Spice. What do you think of that, Old Spice Guy?

1945: Get Slimmer Without Exercise

Why be fat, asked this 1945 advertisement. Get slimmer without exercise! While it sounded quite a bit like snake oil, I guess the idea was that the candy reduced the sense of taste, which made you less likely to eat (since you couldn’t taste anything anyway).

1945: Unceasing War On A World Of Killers

Unceasing War on a World of Killers was the slogan at the top of this Dickey Pharmacy in 1945, referring to germs rather than, well, World War II. Next post at 11 a.m.

1945: Would You Like To Live In The Good Old Days?

Dickey Pharmacy pointed out in 1945 that in the Good Old Days, you were pretty much toast if you got any disease, and that the "good old days" were not really all that great if you liked bathrooms, cars or movies. I would add "having teeth" to that list, and also consider that many people…
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1944: Shape Your Lips Like A Fashion Model

Dickey Pharmacy was offering Model’s Special lipstick for just $1 in 1944, with colors chosen by a jury of New York models. A jury of models? "We convict you of being fabulous!"