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1960: Our Pharmacists Are Super-Mod

Okay, this ad for Ahlf Drug Store doesn’t actually say their pharmacists are super mod, just that they’re guardians of your health. Which is perfectly true. It’s just that the little atom-star design on the left is cool.

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1960: Fat Overweight

Lose ugly fat in seven days or your money back, said this ad for Odrinex from Ahlf’s Drug Store in 1960.

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1960: Pangburn’s Western Style Chocolates

Hearts beat faster with Pangburn’s chocolate, stated this 1960 ad from Herbert’s. Pangburn’s, which is a very strange name for a candy company, is still around, although it looks as if it’s been schlorped up into the Russell Stover-Whitman’s conglomerate.

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1934: Christmas Gifts

This 1934 Herbert Drug ad for Christmas Gifts would be just as good if it were run today, though I suspect cigarette cases would be further down the list. That’s the only post I will make tonight. I hope all … Continue reading

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1934: Choice Is Large, But Choosing Easy?

This 1934 advertisement for Ahlf’s Drug Store was simple and pretty, but I’m not sure I agree with it: "Select your gift novelties where the choice is large and choosing is easy." I usually have an easier time choosing if … Continue reading

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1944: Ahlf’s Drug Store Sells Corn Remover

I find very little about the Nyal Corn Remover advertised here and sold by Ahlf’s Drug Store in Worthington. The Nyal Company seems to have been out of Detroit, though. As far as "The Pause that Refreshes" goes, all I … Continue reading

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