1960: Our Pharmacists Are Super-Mod

Okay, this ad for Ahlf Drug Store doesn’t actually say their pharmacists are super mod, just that they’re guardians of your health. Which is perfectly true. It’s just that the little atom-star design on the left is cool.

1960: Physicians Hail Super Penicillin

Celbenin, (generic name meticillin) is no longer manufactured today because more stable penicillin forms are available, according to Wikipedia. In 1960 it seemed like a very big deal.

1945: Keeps Part Of The Mosquitos Away

This 1945 ad for Herbert Drug Company humorously claims that Roberta Cream Stop or Ace would "help make life more bearable by keeping away at least part of the mosquitos." I would hope that it would keep the pointy parts away. Next post at 6 p.m.

1980: Ad Should Warn Of Dangers Of Drug Use, But Probably Meant To Sell Groceries

Would you trust this woman from this 1980 ad with a sharp object? She looks like she should be part of a public service ad warning against the dangers of meth, except given that she’s from 1980, it would probably have been cocaine. It’s actually a grocery ad.

1934: Never Take A Laxative When You Have Abdominal Pain

This 1934 ad from Herbert Drug Co. (a Rexall store) reads: "The Mayos estimate that 95% of deaths from acute appendicitis occur in patients that have taken a laxative to relieve the pain. In Philadelpha it is estimated that out of 481 deaths from acute appendicitis 437 were caused by taking laxatives. Laxatives are good…
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