1940: Let’s Get At The Truth

This editorial on rural electricity from 1940 features a little cursing (a paraphrase of Mark Twain) in the subhead.

1940: Everyone Is Afraid Of Moths

Everyone may not be afraid of moths, as this 1940 ad asserts, but I know I am. Brrrrr. Who on earth was Von Schrader?

1935: Electiicity On The Farm (sic)

Plans were moving ahead for electricity on the farm in 1935. Next post at 11 a.m.

1960: Only Butter Can Be Butter

Willy Wiredhand touted the virtues of butter and the Nobles Cooperative Electric in 1960. Except earlier, his name was Willie Wirehand.  What happened, Willie? Did you pull a P. Diddy on us?

1945: Electricity For Every Farm

The Daily Globe advocated electricity to every farm in 1945, partly, it seems, in relation to the war effort. Next post at 6 p.m.