1985: Judge To Decide Polzine Foreclosure

A judge was set to decide on the Polzine foreclosure in October 1985. This had major implications regarding the Farm Crisis, the Groundswell movement and the ag industry in general.

1985: Brewster Farmer Meets Mellencamp

Brewster farmer Bobbi Polzine and singer-song writer John Cougar Mellencamp greet an estimated 80,000 fans at FarmAid. Polzine was the cofounder of Minnesota Groundswell and deeply involved in fighting the farm crisis of the 1980s.

1985: Country Things, Bob Artley

In the mid-1980s, the Daily Globe ran two comics from Bob Artley. One, Memories of a Former Kid, focused on humorous recollections of the farmstead from Artley’s youth. The other, Country Things, was a more educational comic, featuring illustrations of items that were once common on the farm, many of which had disappeared or changed…
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1939: Oh, Sheep

Marian Pfeilwas named grand champion showman in the state sheep division in 1939. These days, market sheep are sheared for judging so the judge can see the meatiness of the animal, according to our agriculture reporter, Julie Buntjer. Breeding sheep are typically not sheared for showing.

1960: Co-Ops Are The Shortest Route To Service

Co-ops were the shortest route to service, according to this 1960 advertisement sponsored by a variety of local co-ops.