1985: Farm Slump May Ease Lakes Pollution

The silver lining in the farm slump was apparently a decrease in pollution, according to this 1985 Daily Globe article.

1960: Okabena Farmers Get New Addresses

Jim Jeffers and 106 other Okabena-area farmers got new addresses in 1960.

1935: Boote Produce Company

The Boote Produce Company (phone 83) was around in 1935.

1935: Electiicity On The Farm (sic)

Plans were moving ahead for electricity on the farm in 1935. Next post at 11 a.m.

1945: 600 Chicks Lost

600 chicks (baby chickens, not girls) were killed in a brooder house fire near Rushmore in 1960. Next post at 6 p.m.