1961: Protection For Your Valuables

First National Bank in Worthington offered protection for valuables in the form of a safe deposit box in 1961.

1985: Bank With A Bathtub In Ellsworth?

A bank with a bathtub was being torn down in 1985.

1960: Deer, Ship, Dreams?

In this puzzling 1960 ad from First National Bank in Worthington, a cute baby deer is nuzzling a cute baby human in a boat. "It’s easy to get what you want! Save for it!" While the adults in the photo may have saved for the boat and probably saved for the kid… where does the deer fit into…
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1960: A Recipe For Making Dreams Come True

This 1960 Recipe for Making Dreams Come True did not include 3 cups of fairy dust, 2 table spoons of magic or even instructions to stir with one unicorn horn. I find it lacking.

1960: Show Me The Money Baby!

Babies and puppies are both often featured in ads as attention getters, and this 1960 First National Bank ad featured a baby with a decidedly skeptical look on his face. I have seen this look on a baby before, and it always strikes me as being pretty darn funny.