1961: Exchange Students Prepare Dinner For Six

I wonder how rare Chinese food was in 1961? Of course, American Chinese food has only a vague resemblance to actual Chinese food, but still.

1960: Stylish Aprons

I adore these apron patterns f

1985: Think Lutefisk. Then Think Again.

Think lutefisk. Then think again, seriously, if you value your stomach. While lutefisk should be avoided at all costs (I try not to breathe too deeply while passing it along at Thanksgiving and Christmas), the traditional Hardanger clothing here is absolutely gorgeous.

1985: Christoffer’s Coliseum Catering

Christoffer’s Coliseum Catering put this ad in the Daily Globe in 1985.

1985: German Recipes From Mixing And Musing

Dorthy Rickers, bowing to popular demand, published some German recipes in Mixing and Musing after a trip to Crailsheim in 1985.