1961: Noseless Lady Hawks Makeup

For some reason, her noselessness caught my attention.

1939: Make This A Jewelry Christmas

Make this a jewelry Christmas, urged Wick’s Jewelry Store in 1939.

1939: Benson Funeral Home Hosts Open House

The Benson Funeral Home was hosting an open house at its new location in 1939.

1960: Lease A Typewriter

Davis Typewriter was offering typewriter leases in 1960.

1945: It’s Hot, So Wear A (Freshly Pressed) Suit

In 1945 the Daily Globe published this ad for the New Worthington Cleaners, on Fourth Avenue. It advises people to wear a fresh, clean suit during the hot weather. Yes. It’s hot, so you should wear a suit, guys. You youngsters who missed this era: Be glad. (At least in this respect.) Especially when you…
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