1939: Eat An Apple A Day

Apple trends have clearly changed since 1939, when a grocery store offered up Baldwins, Delicious and Jonathans for sale. Apart from the Delicious apples (which are a total misnomer, in my opinion — I find them mealy, squashy and bland) I hadn’t heard of them. The Jonathan is still around, though, and so is the…
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1939: Coffee 25 Cents A Pound

You could get a one-pound bag of coffee for 25 cents in 1939 from Fairway Market on Tenth Street.

1960: Meet Ralph Johnson, Taking Over Skaggs

Ralph Johnson bought the Hallbeck’s Skaggs grocery store in 1960, which as people have already mentioned, became the Red Owl.

1935: Coffee And Bread

Although the Bokar Coffee advertisement on the left has more information, the Old Home ad on the right is more eye-catching. The ads were together in the 1935 Nobles County Times. Bokar Coffee is part of the Eight O’Clock coffee brand, which is really very good and pretty inexpensive for the quality, though I’ve never tried…
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1980: Ad Should Warn Of Dangers Of Drug Use, But Probably Meant To Sell Groceries

Would you trust this woman from this 1980 ad with a sharp object? She looks like she should be part of a public service ad warning against the dangers of meth, except given that she’s from 1980, it would probably have been cocaine. It’s actually a grocery ad.