1961: Heart Association: Please Do Not Kill Yourself Shoveling

The Heart Association of Maryland offered up some tips for shoveling in 1940, in hopes people would be more careful not to stress their hearts.

1940: We May Catch Up With That Polio Bug Yet

Polio vaccines were developed in the 1950s and some day, polio may face the fate of smallpox and be completely eradicated, thanks to those vaccines.

1986: The Real Fitness Experience

Jill Callison wrote about her fitness testing experience in 1986. Kudos to a truthful and funny writer!

1986: Getting Fit

Brave Jill Callison wrote a tremendous story about her own fitness attempt in 1986. These are the pictures; you’ll get the well-written and quite funny story tomorrow.

1940: Vaccines Are A Good Thing

Vaccinations are a good thing, noted this 1940 editorial from the Daily Globe. Note that the study  linking vaccination to autism has been shown to be not just incorrect, but fraudulent.