1945: Those Minorities

The Sleepy Eye Herald-Dispatch warned against racial hatred in 1945.

1945: Russia Says Hitler Totally Killed Himself

Hitler did commit suicide, even though the Nazi propaganda machine, in its last days during early May 1945, claimed Hitler died "fighting to the last against Bolshevism." Next post at 11 a.m.

1945: Hitler Is Dead

Hitler died in 1945, and this Daily Globe editorial analyzes how the news came through and what it could mean for the Allies.

1945: Hitler Dead

Hitler was dead, reported the Associated Press in early May 1945. Oddly, this headline was in the middle of the page, not at the top in gigantic letters. Hitler had actually killed himself April 30. Next post at 6 p.m.

1935: Bored? Don’t Worry, War Is Right Around The Corner!

The following is from an (extremely sarcastic) April 1935 Nobles County Times editorial, titled “A Sure Cure for the Dumps.” Sufferers from ennui, better known as “that tired feeling,” can brighten up now. Germany is marching again. Pretty soon the headlines will be full of drives, offensives, casualty lists and mobilization news, and we’ll be back…
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