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1944: The Man Who Killed Rommel

Only one problem with this 1944 photo caption about the man who killed Rommel: Rommel was killed by Rommel. After being implicated in the plot to kill Hitler, he committed suicide. My guess (and it is a guess; I can’t … Continue reading

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1944: Germany as a Busty, Pigtailed Woman

This 1944 political cartoon showed Adolf Hitler falling off a cliff along with Germany and the pieces in the conquered German empire. For some reason Germany is pictured as a busty blonde woman with high heels. Go fig. Next post … Continue reading

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1944: Adolf Hitler Is My Uncle and Murdered Me

1944 film "The Hitler Gang" showed the rise of Hitler similar to a gangster movie, apparently.

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1959: Adolf Hitler, 20 Years Later

"Bitter memory that he is, Adolf Hitler needs to be remembered. He will be remembered as the man who almost but not quite brought the world to a new Dark Age of decreed immorality, a modern, living embodiment of Satan. … Continue reading

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1944: Springtime Over for Hitler

This image of Hitler, published in 1944 in the Daily Globe, shows the dictator’s triumph in Warsaw, noting how the Russians were slapping back the Germans at every turn. Next post at 9 a.m.

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1944: Hitler Orders Drastic Government Changes

Adolf Hitler "streamlined" the German government and gave the high-ranking Nazis wide powers. This was in the wake of the July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler, after which 5,000 people were arrested and 200 were executed. It was only at … Continue reading

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