1986: Your Lovely Buns Are Sweet

I’m… really kind of hoping the “lovely buns” comment of 1986 is addressed to a baker. But you never know.

1986: Valentines In The Paper

The Globe used to publish all sorts of odd little love-notes (some romantic, some familial, some just plain odd) for Valentine’s Day. These are from 1986.

1986: How Do I Love Thee, Pea Pod Style

How do I love thee? Well….

1940: Get Your Girl A Fountain Pen?

Oh, boy, I can’t imagine getting a box from Wick’s Jewelry Store and opening it to find a pen. Not that I don’t like pens. It’s just that, you know. Given the circumstances, I would not be expecting a pen.

1986: Ray Crippen’s Wolf Tale For St. Valentine’s Day

Ray Crippen offered up the real and true story of Valentine’s Day in 1986.