1986: Swing It!

Tire swings are awesome. That is all.

1986: Remember Pound Puppies?

Pound Puppies were tremendously popular in the 1980s. I had a full-sized Pound Puppy and two smaller ones, as well as a full-sized Pound Kitty and two (identical) smaller kitties.

1961: Most Local Junior High Students Given Allowances

Most local junior high school students were given cash allowances in 1961, according to this Daily Globe article.

1986: Use Your Imagination

I wasn’t much on the outdoors when I was a kid, and didn’t have any outdoor chores like those featured in this 1986 Bob Artley comic, but I did pretend I was a knight. I also pretended I was a princess. The only difference is, quite often, I saved myself.

1939: Kid Not Really Sure About The Whole Cake Thing

Long before we knew the cake is a lie, little Fredrick Ehlers, 1, was unsure about it in 1939.