1961: Scary Baby Names, 1961 Version

Roy Rogers is still a better name than Pilot Inspektor.

1986: The Real Fitness Experience

Jill Callison wrote about her fitness testing experience in 1986. Kudos to a truthful and funny writer!

1986: Getting Fit

Brave Jill Callison wrote a tremendous story about her own fitness attempt in 1986. These are the pictures; you’ll get the well-written and quite funny story tomorrow.

1940: Twitter, 1940 Style

These gossipy little dribbles of college life in 1940 strongly reminded me of Twitter, even if they are probably a bit more than 140 characters apiece.

1961: How To Wake Up Fast And Easily

Fredi Lowry described the easiest, fastest way to wake up completely in 1961. She is correct about grapefruit, by the way.