1940: Husbands Flee From House Cleaning

  Husbands apparently loathed house cleaning in 1940. Of course, the wives did too.

1960: Man Leaves His Shoes In The Living Room A Lot

Dear Abby was asked by a frustrated housewife what to do about a husband who keeps leaving his shoes in the living room in 1960. Her answer was to keep picking up the shoes and be glad there’s nothing else wrong with him. Personally, I’d probably just advise her to stop picking up the shoes,…
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1901: Married! Now Give Newspaper Flowers

More editorializing blended with community news from the Daily Advance, which calls Mr. Bassett "a young man well and favorably known, of excellent reputation and character" and the bride "an estimable young lady with a large circle of admiring friends." May the same be said of all of us. Why did they send the Advance…
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