1961: Bill Me, Thrill Me

I would be so pleased to get a $3 bill from any medical issue that I would pay it with a smile.

1985: Operating Room Nurses

I can definitely testify to the last part of the article. My mother is not an operating room nurse, but she is a registered nurse, and she was always absolutely splendid whenever I hurt myself, calmly explaining everything she was going to do to fix it. Three cheers for nurses and the medical teams they…
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1959: Man Misses Vaccination, Gets Tetanus

In 1959 Arnold Schulz told the Daily Globe how awful it was to get tetanus. Arnold Schulz, who runs the Earlydawn Kennels and farms north of Worthington, talked this week about his terrible experience with tetanus. On his way to complete recovery now, Schulz described how missing one vaccination cost him much in time and…
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1959: Synthetic Penicillin

Although the development of synthetic penicillin doesn’t sound like that big of a deal in this 1959 article, it pretty much meant cheap and effective drugs for a variety of ailments. Next post at noon.

1959: Check Your Spine Today For Free

Spinal checkups done free by Dr. Dean Z. Chapman (I wonder what the Z stood for?) and Dr. G.W. Smith. They still do spinal checkups in schools as far as I know, largely for scoliosis. I knew someone who’d had scoliosis and you could actually see the slight curve in the spine. It was weird.…
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