1940: Choose Classes Wisely

V.H., who I would assume was Junior College Pioneer editor Violet Hawkinson, advised students at her school to choose their college classes carefully. This will be the last segment I’m featuring from the Junior College Pioneer this week. Did you like it? I thought the Minnesota West students did a pretty good job.

1940: More From The Junior College Pioneer

These are snippets of college life from the Junior College Pioneer in 1940.

1940: Junior College Pioneer

Here we have the front page of the Junior College Pioneer and a list of its staff in 1940.

1940: College Students Still Work

This wasn’t part of the Daily Globe proper, but was part of a page published by Minnesota West (which of course wasn’t called that in 1940), with reporting and photos done by students. It was pretty cool! I’ll post  more from it in the next few days.

1960: Shorthand, Typewriting, Oil Painting At Minnesota West

Worthington Junior College (now Minnesota West) offered all kinds of cool classes in 1960.