1961: Mixing And Musing: Savannah Roll

Savannah Rolls were featured in this 1961 Mixing and Musing.

1961: Polish Food, And A Separate Sticky Problem

This 1961 recipe for chocolate date dessert calls for Hydrox cookies.

1985: German Recipes From Mixing And Musing

Dorthy Rickers, bowing to popular demand, published some German recipes in Mixing and Musing after a trip to Crailsheim in 1985.

1984: Zucchini With Corn And A Garden Saute From Mixing And Musing

From 1984 comes this Mixing and Musing column, offering up a recipe for a garden saute and Zucchini with Corn. If you like Mixing and Musing, I strongly recommend you check out Dorthy Rickers’ daughter’s wonderful blog, Lagniappe, which often features recipes simple enough for even a very tentative cook like me. Beth has commented…
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