1986: A Primer On Radiation, Post-Chernobyl

Here’s a brief primer on radiation in the wake of the Chernobyl explosion and meltdown in 1986. People really freaked out, and I can’t blame them.

1986: Bone Marrow Specialist Helps After Chernobyl

They were allowing an American specialist in to help after the Chernobyl reactor disaster in 1986.

1986: Blurry Soviet Image Of Chernobyl’s Results

Back in 1986,  it was more possible to cover up something like a nuclear meltdown explosion and disaster–but still not completely possible. Contrast the above blurry image, taken from television, with this extremely clear one.

1961: Car Rolls Into Pool

Brings a whole new meaning to the term “car pool” doesn’t it.

1940: Nazis Have Allies On Spot

It wasn’t looking great for the Allies in May 1940.