1939: Homeowners Decorate City; Hitler Looms In Europe

In 1939, homeowners decorated Worthington while Germany was blaming attempts on Hitler’s life on Great Britain.

1939: British Ship Torpedoed In U.S. Waters

In 1939, Germany torpedoed a ship in U.S. waters, pretty much right after they captured an American ship. But it was two more years before the U.S. entered the war.

1939: Nazis Capture American Ship

I had never heard of the SS City of Flint, the first American ship captured by Germany in World War II. It happened in October 1939, and the U.S. did not enter the war for two more years, after Pearl Harbor was bombed. The trouble seemed to have begun after they picked up the passengers…
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1939: Peace Is So Wonderful, Unless You’re Poland

Peace was great, unless you were Poland in 1939.

1939: First King Turkey Day Joyful Despite War Fears

And this is the Daily Globe’s coverage of King Turkey Day in context. It’s strange to think of our fun festival somewhat overshadowed by fears of war, but it was 1939.