1935: Battle Over Newspapers To Begin

The battle over newspapers was about to begin in 1935, as two papers came to compete in Spencer, Iowa. Next post at 11 a.m.

1935: Printing Plant Moves

This is the article underneath the gigantic headline the Nobles County Times printed in 1935 about its move to a new building.

1935: Car Accidents Not As Bad As Feared

An epidemic of car accidents (two?) had occurred this week in 1935, according to the Nobles County Times, but fortunately the injuries weren’t as bad as initially expected.

1935: Nobles County Times Moves

In 1935 the Nobles County Times moved to a new location (as previously noted in the Coast to Coast article I posted earlier) and clearly, they thought it was a pretty big deal. To be fair, moving a printing press would be a pretty big deal.

1935: We Don’t Need No Stinkin Canopies

Filling station canopies are a thing of the past, declared the Nobles County Times in 1935. Instead, gas stations of the future would have cornices. While I have seen some with cornices, they usually seem to go with a canopy built out of the same thing the building is made of these days, as far…
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