1940: Gas Ad With Cigarettes

This 1940 Philgas ad inexplicably emphasizes the cigarette, which I don’t really understand. Don’t cigarettes + gas = boom?

1986: Yeltsin, Communist Party Chief

It’s a little strange to see Boris Yeltsin referenced as a Communist Party Chief in the wake of the Chernobyl tragedy in 1986..

1961: A Tale Of Three Kitties

Three kittens crossed the road in 1961. Personally, I like cute kitty pictures.

1986: Clown Epidemic Strikes Nation

Argh! The clown epidemic is spreading!

1940: Ah, Young Love

So, in the 1940 comic, this Rose girl lures Red Ryder out into the desert and drugs him, and then… well, the follow-through just isn’t there. Unless she’s planning on shanking him when she gets close enough.