1940: Pork Pies For Sale

A pork pie is a type of hat. A rattata is a type of Pokemon. Now that we’ve got the generational divide sorted out…

1940: The Gentry Suit

“Dress with Distinction!” urged Penney’s in this 1940 ad for a Gentry suit. I’m assuming that’s a brand name, although the word has a conventional meaning. Of course, I think of Bobbie Gentry.

1939: Stylish Smart Frocks

Penney’s was offering these smart, stylish frocks in autumn colors in 1939.

1939: Gene Autry Sweat Shirts

People apparently wore Gene Autry sweatshirts in 1939.

1939: New Felt Hats

Penney’s had some awesome new felt hats for women in 1939.