1939: Doing Hard Labor In Worthington

“Bums” would be sentenced to break rocks if caught in Worthington in 1939, apparently. Yikes.

1939: Classy Worthington Police Officers

The Worthington Police Department got new uniforms in 1939, and they looked pretty darn good.

1960: Police Warning

Don’t let your kids play in the street, requested the Worthington Police in 1960.

1960: Police Crack Down On Firecrackers

The Worthington Police Department vowed to get tough on firecracker users in 1960, and no doubt they will be equally tough on people who abuse firecrackers this year. So stay good, folks, and have a great Fourth!

1960: Policeman Wanted In Windom

Windom was looking for a police "patrolman" in 1960.