1985: A Sandwich Is Like Printing

This 1985 advertisement for the Printers was pretty eye-catching, with all the ingredients of a good printing job inside a hamburger bun. Next post at 11 a.m.

1935: Printing Plant Moves

This is the article underneath the gigantic headline the Nobles County Times printed in 1935 about its move to a new building.

1980: Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Da?

As you can see, though we started off with just red spot color in 1960, by 1980 we had added full color (I think, and only occasionally, since it was a difficult process) and also featured blue as a spot color. I like it, although Hy-Vee’s logo looks a bit odd in blue when you’re used…
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1960: Red Chili, Red Oranges, Red Everything At Hallbeck’s

More spot color from the 1960 Daily Globe, and again, it’s much orangier than it really looks. However, since it’s orange juice and pictures of oranges this time, I don’t feel quite so bad for not presenting it quite as realistically as I would have liked. What’s a steakette?