1960: Africa Awakens

Assibi Abudu, a man from Ghana, wrote for the Globe in 1960.

1960: Globe Gets African Staffer

Assibi Abudu of Ghana was a staff writer at the Daily Globe in 1960. I wouldn’t think there were many other black people in Worthington in this era, and that, combined with his picture and stories being in the paper, probably made him pretty high profile. I had a difficult time toning this photo properly; it…
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1935: Demented Man Brutally Slays Two Transients

After two transients were brutally slain in 1935, the "demented negro" responsible was committed to the Fergus Falls hospital for the insane. Obviously the standards for reporting people’s races, and how to refer to races, have changed a lot since 1935. Next post at 11 a.m.  

1960: Civil Rights Bill Signed

President Eisenhower signed the 1960 civil rights bill in 1960. Next post at 6 p.m.

1960: Students Arrested For Integrating Lunch

White and black students were arrested after attending an integrated lunch in 1960.