1961: Your Wedding Day!

What a lovely wedding dress! Rickers was offering wedding portraiture in 1961.

1945: Service Men! Your Photograph Will Mean Much To Your Loved Ones

In 1945, Rickers Photos of Worthington reminded service men that their photographs would mean a lot to their loved ones while they were gone, and also reminded former service men to have their discharge papers photo copied.

1960: Preserve The Day With A Distinctive Portrait

Preserve that day of days forever with a distinctive portrait from Rickers Photos, stated this 1960 advertisement, featuring a gorgeous bride.

1945: War Rationing Affects Photography

In 1945, Rickers Photos (phone 2-1511) warned that rationing of photo materials forced usthem to limit their appointments. "We do not want to sacrifice quality workmanship, so it will take us longer to get the orders out as war-time materials require more care in handling." Next post at 4 p.m.

1944: Photographer Advertises Lack Of Photography, Sort Of

This Rickers Photos ad from 1944 letting people know that they could not get photographs in time for Christmas delivery due to a shortage of materials is actually not all that unusual. From time to time in the 1944 Daily Globes, you’ll see businesses apologetically advertising that you couldn’t actually buy cars, or bicycles, or…
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