1935: Advertising White Shoes In Black And White

White shoes were for sale at Schmidt Shoe Store, but of course, they had to be printed in grey in 1935. Next post at 11 a.m.

1934: Schmidt Shoe Store Goes Art Deco

The Schmidt Shoe Store had this lovely advertisement for "Feminine charm in shoes" in 1934, featuring an art deco woman’s face at the top. I’m sorry about how blurry the text is; I tried to enlarge it, but que sera, I suppose. Next post at 3 p.m.

1934: Phoenix Stockings At Schmidt Shoe Store

Schmidt Shoe Store was selling Phoenix "budget" chiffons in 1934 for 79 cents apiece. Notice these precede the invention of the pantyhose and would have required garters to wear. Next post at 9 a.m.

1934: Schmidt Shoe Store’s Peacock Shoes

This Schmidt Shoe Store ad from 1934 shows Peacock shoes, stating "The smartest feet are wearing Peacock Shoes." Next post at 9 a.m.