1940: Candy Corn And Baseball

Caramel candy corn was available at the Worthington Creamery in 1940.

1961: Done To Perfection!

American Laundry, located on 720 Second Ave., offered shirts “done to perfection” in 1961.

1945: Milk Is A Must For War Workers

War workers should drink milk from Benson & Sorensen Dairy, stated this 1945 ad. Enjoy health and energy by drinking milk daily! Next post at 6 p.m.

1935: We Don’t Need No Stinkin Canopies

Filling station canopies are a thing of the past, declared the Nobles County Times in 1935. Instead, gas stations of the future would have cornices. While I have seen some with cornices, they usually seem to go with a canopy built out of the same thing the building is made of these days, as far…
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1935: Coast To Coast Soon Ready

A new Coast to Coast was coming to Worthington in 1935.