1939: Bowling Shoes Improve Your Game

Bowling shoes improve your game, stated D&B Sport Shop in 1960. Did people not still have to rent and wear bowling shoes back then? Or were you allowed to just bowl in street shoes?

1960: Glov-Ett Sno Boots

Glov-Ett Sno-Boots were for sale at the Walk Shop in 1960. Were they fined for egregious abuse of the English language? No. Because if the English language made sense, “snow” would be spelled “sno” anyway.

1960: Some Shoes Never Go Out Of Style

These stylish shoes from the Walk Shop would look just as good in 2010 as they did in 1960, I think. (Wish I could wear heels.)

1939: Get The Right Color Shoes

Burgundy was the new “right” color in 1939, according to this Wolff’s ad. I always figured the “right” color was whichever one matched my pants, but I guess that shows what I know.

1960: Man Leaves His Shoes In The Living Room A Lot

Dear Abby was asked by a frustrated housewife what to do about a husband who keeps leaving his shoes in the living room in 1960. Her answer was to keep picking up the shoes and be glad there’s nothing else wrong with him. Personally, I’d probably just advise her to stop picking up the shoes,…
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