1961: Beautiful Coats For Sale

Silverberg’s had some lovely coats for sale in 1961, and also some scatter rugs. What’s a scatter rug?

1939: Santa Ogles Pantyhose

It’s difficult not to see something a little… creepy, about Santa ogling some silk stal… er, stockings in this 1939 Silverberg’s ad.

1960: Ladies’ Dress Sale At Silverberg’s

In 1960, Silverberg’s offered ladies’ dresses for sale. I can’t help but hear “the flag” after “rally ’round”, thanks to “Battle Cry of Freedom.”

1945: Silverberg’s Offers Charming, Youthful Dresses

1935: Cinderella Wash Dresses And Georgiana House Frocks

Silverberg’s had Cinderella Wash Dresses and Georgiana House Frocks in 1935, and if the dress pictured is any indication, they were lovely.