1961: Mock Trial For Nobles County Youth

They staged a mock trial for Nobles County youth in 1961.

1961: Elmers Collide; Teenage Girls Get Probation

Two guys named Elmer collided in 1961, and in an unrelated story, five teenage girls got probation for drinking-related offenses.

1939: King Gobble Displayed For King Turkey Day Coronation

King Gobble was to be shown at the very first King Turkey Day in 1939.

1960: Police, Court Get Tough On Bike Riders

A kid who failed to stop at a stop sign while riding a bike was handed a stiff fine in 1960. Two whole dollars.

1960: Police Crack Down On Firecrackers

The Worthington Police Department vowed to get tough on firecracker users in 1960, and no doubt they will be equally tough on people who abuse firecrackers this year. So stay good, folks, and have a great Fourth!