1961: Lovely Wedding Dress


1961: Preserve This Cherished Day Eternally

Preserve this Cherished Day Eternally, urged Rickers Photos in 1961. Also a bit melancholy if you think about it.

1985: Ace And Quality Auto Body

Two 1985 side-by-side ads, one from Ace Home and Gift Center congratulating those who had used Ace’s bridal registry, and one from Quality Auto Body, advertising collision repair and glass replacements.

1960: Beautiful Glassware For A Beautiful Bride

The bridal gown in this 1960 advertisement is gorgeous, or at least, the half we can see is. The ad from Davidson Johnson Variety Gifts touts Fostoria Glassware.

1960: Preserve The Day With A Distinctive Portrait

Preserve that day of days forever with a distinctive portrait from Rickers Photos, stated this 1960 advertisement, featuring a gorgeous bride.